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  • Sigita Ivaškaitė

10min in the taxi

Nach does not dance, Nach glues itself to the space, makes it liquid, and moves it. You move along, and sometimes your eyes are to slow to catch one move, but you can still grasp the breath, the sound. And then it can get slow, but it is not the body it is the space, because space is what we form around us, space - the earth and air around us is what we create, what we live for, what we fight for. Surely at the end it can get sentimental, but we are alowed to, because we live as long as we feel each other, send each other those vibrations out of our gut, that lets us be vulnerable, that lets us care.

This is is why new art forms are born in the streets, in the life, where we care. And this is why we have to take them to the stage - to make each other listen once more.

Thank you.

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